Wholesale Gift Baskets


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Wholesale gift baskets are a great idea when planning large events. They are ideal in two situations. The first scenario where wholesale gift baskets are a great gift option is on a personal level when you’re sponsoring or putting together an event on a large scale with at least a hundred people like a wedding or anniversary party. The second scenario that is perfect for wholesale gift baskets is when you are putting together a company sponsored event or function (for a large company) like a company picnic or a company holiday party.

As I mentioned above, wholesale gift baskets are not meant to be given to any one person in particular, they are strictly meant for a large group of people. And the kind of items that you fill your gift basket with is mainly determined by the purpose of the baskets. For example, on a personal level wholesale gift baskets can be used as party favors at a wedding reception and they are to be distributed to the guests as a keepsake of the nuptials. They can also be used in the very same way at an anniversary party or celebratory dinner of any type.

The baskets can be filled with items like candy, small bottles of bubble bath, candles, chocolate and quite possibly stuffed animals. In a business type setting, these types of baskets can be used for company sponsored events commemorating the event. For example, these baskets can be handed out at a company picnic to all employees and their families and should contain memorabilia depicting the company logo or name and the date of the function. If the picnic or event is in celebration of a specific goal met by the company for example in sales let’s say, then the goal reached should be noted on the items. The baskets can be filled with items such as calendars, pens, pencils, T-shirts, paper weights, clocks or calculators. Wholesale gift baskets are great additions to any large function because they allow you to distribute memoirs of the event to your guests.

When you have filled your baskets to the brim with all your goodies, a final touch would be to wrap it up in see-through color cellophane paper and tied at the top with a ribbon of matching color. They will add a personal and creative touch to your event whether it be personal or business related.

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