What the Future Holds for Warehousing and Distribution

19th century warehouse in Frankfort, Kentucky,...

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With so many changes over the past century–and even earlier–it makes one wonder what the future will hold for warehousing and distributing. We have gone from a bartering system to one where there was no inventory control to one that is highly sophisticated and automated.

Current systems of warehousing and distributions lack some important components beginning with procedures that will allow them to maintain a system of accuracy. While some companies are attempting to work around that in order to make improvements, it will not happen unless warehousing and distributions employees follow procedures and are educated in the importance of following those procedures.

Like other parts of the business world, warehousing and distribution can expect to see other changes as we go farther into the 21st century and beyond. When we taken into consideration the direct-to-consumer technology that is currently facing many areas in the warehousing and distribution areas, it makes one wonder if there will continue to be the same need for people to work in the fulfillment arena. However, it is also essential to remember not all industries work on a demand basis–there is the need to have products available for customers on a quick turnaround basis. In order to do that the company must have inventory on hand ready to go out the door.

With so many changes being made in the area of warehousing and distribution it is difficult to assess what may happen over the course of time. One thing is almost certain: there is likely to be more software changes that will make it easier for fulfillment company employees to maintain accurate inventory control. The current software has come a long way, but there are still many glitches to work out until the accuracy of warehousing and distribution software methodology can be ascertained.

Many changes have taken place over the years in the use of software programs; the same will take place with warehousing and distribution programs. The more we delve into the 21st century the more accurate these programs will become. The changes that have taken place over the last few decades will bring us to a new level in warehousing and distribution as well as inventory management. It will be up to future generations to develop programs that will make it easier to management inventory just as past generations have provided us with the current methodology.