Warehousing & Fulfillment – The Benefits

Ever wonder what is it exactly you can get by partnering or contracting with a full service distribution or fulfillment company? The best companies offer not only their expert staff, but also their proprietary custom applications enabling them to bring all the following benefits to their clients:
* Customer Lifecycle Management
* E-Commerce Shopping Cart Connectivity
* Real-time Order Entry and Fulfillment 
* UPS OnLine® Tools & UPS OnLine® WorldShip® Integration
* Inventory and Warehouse Management
* LIFO & FIFO Inventory Management
* Multi-Carrier Manifest w/competitive service pricing
* Sales and Marketing Reports
* On-Line Customer Service
* Comprehensive List Management
* Returns, Refunds & Exchanges
* Media and Catalog Tracking/Analysis
* Sales Tax Compliance
* Network Fax Service
* Real-time Web Connectivity
* Order Processing
* Real-time Customer Service
* Inventory Allocation and Control
* Sales and Media Analysis
* Streamlined Product Fulfillment
* Comprehensive Mgmt Reporting
* Lot # control

Customized Packaging

Distribution companies can help you design packaging specifications and manage your POP Display (Point of Purchase) assembly. Special care is given to each unit packaged. Quality control standards in place and random employee packaging checks minimize returns due to poor packaging and/or freight damage. Packing includes shrink wrapping, bubble wrap, Styrofoam, foam peanuts, custom boxing, and more – all provided at great savings.

Real Time Inventory Tracking

Real-time inventory tracking is a web based solution that provides a double check for the inventory quantities received and shipped. The program provides up to date billing information and identify inventory shortfalls and/or hot items.

Consumer Shipping Notification

Improve customer service quality by letting consumers know when their product has shipped. This in addition to provide notification services which inform consumers when their unit(s) has shipped from the distribution center location using your pre-defined logo and text.

Email Marketing

Custom email templates with your business information may be available for customer notification with tracking numbers provided. Thus decreasing customer service calls inquiring about the shipment and where the order might be.

Shipping & Logistics

Professional distribution companies have strategic relations with all of the major carrier companies including: UPS, Fed ex, USPS, and various postal freight consolidators to insure proper and fast deliveries.

Return Processing, Redistribution, & Liquidation Services

Most companies will accept and process return shipments, document the reason for the return shipping in inventory management, and then redistribute the product or liquidate it according to the client’s specifications.