The Ethics of Outsourcing Order Fulfillment

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The term alone “outsourcing” has acquired a bad connotation in present day America. As millions of Americans continue to go without steady employment the flow of tens of millions of jobs overseas has caused the very concept of “outsourcing” to become suspect, even questionable. Why give out jobs to other countries when they are so desperately needed here?

But there is a vital difference between “outsourcing” and “outsourcing overseas,” which many people sometimes fail to realize. It’s possible to outsource areas of your business while at the same time helping promote American economic growth by outsourcing parts of your day to day operations to domestic companies better equip to manage them.
One of the most successful and promising forms of outsourcing for smaller businesses involves outsourcing their back end fulfillment goals to third-party fulfillment service providers. These logistics management and mail order fulfillment houses can offer warehousing, shipping, and processing resources that small businesses probably could not afford or manage on their own.

By outsourcing order processing and shipping to a fulfillment company small businesses can guarantee their customers a higher degree of order reliability as well as increased delivery speed thanks to the ultra-modern and efficiently planned logistics management skills the fulfillment house can provide.

Service Providers Offer Better Warehousing

Many fulfillment service provider companies can offer their client businesses state of the art warehousing facilities adjacent to their processing center. This combination streamlines the processing and order shipment phases of the fulfillment procedure, as the service provider can quickly select and prepare a product sample for shipment to the customer’s designated delivery destination.

In fact, service providers can even accept deliveries directly from the client business’ wholesaler or manufacturer, reducing the delivery and transit time and making sure that the products are stored safely in their climate controlled, electronically secure warehouse.

Service Providers Offer Better Staff, Delivery Options

In addition to better warehousing, fulfillment service providers can give their clients the benefits of a highly trained, efficiency-minded staff that works constantly to reduce waste and provide the fastest processing and shipment times possible.

These same staff members can also be used to assist the client business in executing direct mail marketing campaigns, working to ensure that the catalogue, newsletter, or other promotional material gets the postage or shipping fare that it needs for the journey to the customer. Warehousing and processing staff positions help create jobs for the local community, creating more economic opportunity here at home.