Refrigerated Transport Can Double Your Holiday Sales

Holiday time is a great time for companies that sell holiday treats and goodies. During the winter holidays people put aside their normal routines and inhibitions and eat and drink all kinds of gourmet foods that they don’t have during the rest of the year.  If you already sell gourmet food and treats locally and want to get a piece of the holiday sales nationally, or if you want to expand your business into selling gourmet holiday treats, partnering with a company that offers refrigerated transport is a must to boost your holiday sales.

Everyone thinks of the winter holidays as a time of ice and snow and cold, and for some areas of the country it is, but not for others.  Food that is shipped from one climate to another needs to be kept at a constant temperature during shipping to make sure it arrives safe and ready to eat. Plants and flowers also need to be kept at a chilled temperature during transport around the country.  Using refrigerated transport is the only way to be sure that your delicious gourmet holiday treats don’t become unsafe to eat after being shipped through an area of the country that has a warm climate to one that has a cold climate.  There is no doubt that selling gourmet and luxury items can double or even triple your holiday sales, but you have to use refrigerated transport to make sure the items arrive looking and tasting great.

If you’re not sure what refrigerated transport company to use and you’re worried about the ability of your company to meet a huge upswing in demand consider using a fulfillment company. Fulfillment companies have the infrastructure in place to meet the logistical needs of many different types of companies.  You can lease some temperature controlled storage space and some regular storage space form one company, keeping all your products together and streamlining the process of getting orders out to customers.  Fulfillment warehouses also build strong relationships with many different shipping companies so that they can offer heated transport, refrigerated transport, and regular transport for different kinds of goods.  Using a fulfillment center is a great way to expand your product line and increase your holiday sales without spending a fortune overhauling your existing order fulfillment process to make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed when the orders for your gourmet or specialty items come flooding in through the Internet, phone and in person and local sales.