How a Mail Fulfillment Company Can Run Your Next Coupon Promotion Cheaply and Effectively


Image by striatic via Flickr

Coupon promotions are one of the most effective types of promotions that you can run to increase sales, but it’s important to keep the cost of running the promotion low since you are offering discounted prices on your products. A mail fulfillment service can get your next coupon campaign out to customers cheaply and efficiently so that you can get the increased sales you want at a price you can afford.

Mail fulfillment services are similar to product fulfillment services except that the product is coupons, catalogs, flyers, or other types of promotional materials that you want to send out to a targeted customer list. Once you design and print a coupon it can be delivered directly to a mail fulfillment center where the coupons will be addressed, sorted and mailed at the cheapest possible rate.  Since mail fulfillment centers send out tons of mail everyday you can get great discounts on bulk postage rates when you sign up for mail fulfillment services. Here are some other ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality on your next coupon campaign:

Use a separate sticker with the coupon code on it – You can have generic, undated and uncoded coupon offers printed up in huge amounts to save money on the cost of printing. Smaller, cheaper to produce stickers containing the offer dates and the coupon code can be affixed by the mail fulfillment company employees before the coupons are sent out. That way you can still code the coupons and give them a current expiration date but can still take advantage of bulk printing discounts.

Test the promotion first – Marketing experts recommend that you always test a coupon promotion before running it full scale for all your customers. Choose a random sampling of your customers, usually 10% is recommended, and send them the coupon. You should be able to use the coupon code to track the effectiveness of the promotion. If you’re not getting a high enough return rate you can change the offer before sending it out to the bulk of your customers. If the return rate is too high and you start to lose money you can change the offer to make it a little less costly to you before sending it out to all of your customers. A mail fulfillment center can help you run a test of any coupon promotion to make sure it’s going to be a hit with customers before you send out a massive mailing.