Why Is Climate Control So Important To Ecommerce Warehousing?

For some ecommerce business owners, the idea of climate controlled warehousing can seem like something of an avoidable luxury. Products are durable; their shipping containers are durable, so why sweat the small stuff like keeping them at a reasonable temperature and humidity index? Providing such maintenance of a cavernous warehouse sounds cost prohibitive, anyway.

Climate Control Is Like Money In the Bank

But climate control is a factor in your logistics management, order fulfillment, and warehousing fulfillment demands that shouldn’t be underestimated. Climate control may in some instances become slightly expensive, but its benefits in terms of loss prevention and customer retention cannot be underestimated.

Inevitably, some product inventory gets lost or damaged, becoming unsalable as a result of accident, neglect, or environmental factors such as dampness, mildew, and mold. But by keeping inventory in a climate controlled warehouse, the potential for all three considerations becomes substantially reduced.

Warehouse staff workers will be less prone to accident or carelessness working in climate controlled warehouse space; by keeping the product inventory at a constant temperature and barometric level, you insure its continued good condition.

Your Customers Don’t Realize They Demand It

Product satisfaction plays a giant part in repeat conversion. Your customers will be less likely to keep or feel satisfied with products that arrive looking as they were neglected prior to the sale. In fact, most ecommerce customers report feeling dissatisfied with a product’s condition at least once in their ecommerce buying careers.

You’ll save money on returns and exchanges just by making sure your product arrives in satisfactory condition the first time. Such advice may seem simplistic, yet it’s an area many ecommerce business owners overlook or – even worse – are willing to let slide. Taking the precautions necessary to prevent such neglect distinguishes you from your competition.

Fulfillment Service Companies Make It Easy

By outsourcing your warehousing and order fulfillment needs to a third party fulfillment service company, you make sure your inventory is kept in a climate controlled facility. Once arrived at the fulfillment service company’s climate controlled warehouse space, the products are watched over by trained and expert staff that have been coached and prepared to minimize inventory loss.

These same staff members will take great precautions when preparing your products for shipment, too, so you no longer have to worry about your product getting damaged at the beginning of the shipment process.