What You’re Missing Without A Fulfillment Services Company

For the small business owner, home-based business entrepreneur, or ecommerce startup business owner, the opportunity to enlist the aid of a fulfillment service company can offer a lifeline in case of shortfall and a ladder to advancement when times are good. Fulfillment service companies assume control of many of any small business or online business’ logistics operations, allowing the client company to focus on business growth and development.

Presented below are some of the additional benefits fulfillment service companies brings to their clients, including some of the more subtle and tertiary benefits that can help a business when it counts most.


Acuity in business and operations doesn’t necessarily translate into logistics management and warehouse management. By outsourcing your mail order fulfillment to a third party fulfillment service company, you gain the experience and expertise of its staff, who’ve dealt with such matters countless times before.


With a staff of trained warehousing experts managing your inventory fulfillment, there’s no more sweating out the myriad issues that come from maintaining your own storage space. In fact, most fulfillment service companies can accept inventory for your business directly from the wholesaler or manufacturer, so you no longer have to accommodate devilries or order tracking as part of your daily business routine. Just monitor your inventory supply through the fulfillment service company’s resources to keep in total touch with your products.

Climate Control

Fulfillment service companies’ warehouses are fully climate controlled, meaning your inventory stays safe and secure day in and day out. For perishable items or for mail order fulfillment that relies on timely processing and shipping, keeping the inventory in a temperate storage space greatly encourages customer satisfaction after delivery.


Fulfillment service companies’ warehousing facilities are also thoroughly defended against intrusion and break-in, using only state of the art surveillance and theft deterrence equipment and techniques. You can sleep safe knowing your inventory is in good, safe hands.

Room To Grow

Fulfillment service companies let your business grow as it needs, with plenty of additional fulfillment warehousing space available as your inventory grows to meet your business’ rising demand.

Mail Fulfillment Resources

Fulfillment service companies can also assume control of your mail order and publicity mailing operations, sending catalogues and newsletters to your customer mailing list on your behalf. They manage every step of the operation, from printing to sorting and up through postage and mailing.