Using Order Fulfillment Services for Information Products

Order fulfillment services aren’t just for clothes, toys or products like that. You can also use order fulfillment services for informational products like catalogs, marketing materials, coupon mailers, magazines, circulars, and other paper products. An order fulfillment warehouse can store all of your materials, manage your customer database, and makes sure that all of your items get addressed, sorted, and shipped properly.  If you have a large client base and need to mass mailings on a regular basis using an order fulfillment service is a great way to save yourself the time and hassle of bulk mailings.

Companies who rely on catalog sales as well as online sales often send out catalogs quarterly, with a special edition winter holiday catalog that can lead to huge sales.  Some of the offers in those catalogues are time sensitive, so making sure that the catalogs go out on time is important and can directly affect the sales figures.  When you have to have items go out on a regular schedule, like catalogs or magazines that run on a set schedule, relying on a fulfillment company is the best way to make sure that your product goes out to your customers on schedule.

Mass mailings like reminder cards, discount offers and brochures can be effective tools to get customers back to your shop but processing the mailings and addressing them can take up a lot of employee hours.  Instead of taking your employees away from important tasks to spend time getting mailings ready to go let an order fulfillment company process and mail them for you.  Expertly trained staff will know exactly how to process mailings of any size and they can get your documents where they need to go quickly and efficiently. Plus, you could end up with a sizeable discount on the cost of the mailing. Because so many pieces of mail are sent from order fulfillment centers each day most of the time order fulfillment companies get great discounts on shipping and mailing costs that they pass on to their clients.

If you haven’t yet, talk to a customer service agent from a reputable fulfillment warehouse and find out what services fulfillment companies can offer to businesses that need help doing mass mailings, catalog mailings and sending other informational products out on a regular basis. Outsourcing your bulk mailings might be the most cost effective way for your business to send out marketing materials and other informational products.