Using Fulfillment Services Frees Up Time for Other Important Tasks

You’ve successfully outsourced your order fulfillment and logistics management needs to a third-party, independent fulfillment house that specializes in high efficiency, cost effective warehousing, storage, processing and shipment. You’ve lowered your operating costs while at the same time vastly improving your ability to deliver your product inventory to your customers. With your back end effectively take over by experts and highly trained staff ready to accommodate your entire product inventory and fulfillment demands, you’ll find you have a lot of time available to devote to developing your company’s front end. Some of the following potential projects could include:

Expanding Your Product Inventory Diversity

By selling a broader range of products, either in your brick and mortar storefront or on your ecommerce website you help make your business more resilient to shifting economic conditions while at the same time broadening your potential customer client base.
At the same time, your fulfillment service company will be able to accommodate your expanded product inventory, treating it to the same state of the art, climate controlled warehousing as your existing product inventory. The new products, like the old, can be delivered to the company direct from the manufacturer or wholesaler, just like your existing product inventory, so you don’t have to manage or reship them to your logistics service company.

Developing Your Marketing Strategy

With your order fulfillment infrastructure securely in place, you can begin to aggressively market your business without fear of letting order demand overwhelm your processing and shipping capacity.  Plan a multi-media campaign to put your business in the public eye, or work at developing an effective search engine optimization campaign for your ecommerce site. With your shipment needs completely taken care of, you can go public with your business in a way that might have taken months or years to reach before. Some fulfillment service companies also offer their clients mail and postage management, letting you assign them the tasks of making sure your promotional materials are successfully sent to your customer base.

Renovating Your Showroom or Online Store

By keeping your front end healthy and fresh, you create work for your back end. Getting the extra time and money to make your best the best it can be is also cause to allow yourself some fun dressing up your business or website, so that customers feel excited and encouraged to take part in shopping with your business.