Use a Fulfillment Company to Boost Your Online Auction Sales

If you have been trying to make some extra income by listing items for sale on auction sites or online shops using a fulfillment company can help you turn your hobby into a solid second income, or even a great paying full time income.  Fulfillment services take a lot of the hassles and expenses out of selling online and make it easier for someone working alone, or just working with a couple of other people, to manage a retail business.

When you sign up for fulfillment services the goods that you buy to sell online are delivered right to the fulfillment center. So if you go to a tradeshow or overstock sale and buy a large amount of items to resell online you can have them shipped directly to a warehouse. You won’t be limited to buying whatever you can fit in your home or garage.  Once your items are in the warehouse you won’t need to worry about your items getting damaged, covered in pet hair, or smelling like smoke. All of those types of problems can negatively impact your selling rating on auction sites or online sales sites, so warehousing your products immediately after purchasing them is a very smart investment in your business.  When you sell online for a living your feedback rating is your reputation, and if your feedback states that your items are covered in pet hair or smell you could lose hundreds of sales as a result.

After  your items are purchased through online auctions or online shopping sites they will be processed and shipped within 24 to 48 hours, which is what most customers expect.  If you are processing orders at home by yourself it’s very easy to get overwhelmed by all of your responsibilities and not ship orders out for a week or more, which can make customers angry enough to give you bad feedback.  There’s also a high probability of making mistakes and shipping the wrong items to customers, which can cost you in both customer satisfaction and in profit.

Online auctions and sales can be very lucrative for people who want to work at home, people who haven’t been able to find work, or people who want to add more income to their existing revenue. But, you need to provide great customer service, professional packing and shipping, and clean items in great condition. Hiring a fulfillment company gives you the tools you need to deliver exactly what customers expect for a very small fee. Talk to a fulfillment center rep today about how you can take your online auction sales to the next level using fulfillment services.

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