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When looking for unique business gifts, consider who you are buying for. Unique business gifts will differ depending on whether you are shopping for a co-worker, a client, your secretary or your boss. It is difficult to be sure what the right gift is and how it will be received, so take your time and carefully consider what to purchase, before going out to make the purchase. If you need a little guidance, let Gift Baskets Remembered help you.

In the days of corral style working, where an office is usually a cubicle, consider something to make your recipients space a little brighter. A potted plant that doesn’t need a lot of sun, an office fish tank or a small desk fountain, complete with trickling water. Want something small and simple? Try unique business gifts like a business card holder that is a small sculpture, a pen set, letter opener or personalized Post-it’s. If your recipient is the office clown, you could buy a small office toy or a miniature pool table.

Gift Baskets Remembered offers many gift baskets that will make unique business gifts. Try the Grand Gourmet Gift basket or The Crowd Pleaser. If you’re not sure what your crowd will like, choose something with variety like the California Bounty or the Executive Choice Gift Basket. Regardless of what gift basket you choose, most everyone enjoys food and the chance to take a break and chat with their co-workers.

If you’re looking for unique business gifts that scream suit and tie, try a personalized desk set, an embossed business card case or a motivational wall print. Trying to lighten the corporate mood? Try a season of The Office on DVD, Pimp My Cubicle or Office Origami.

No matter what you choose, your recipient will be thrilled to receive the gift. While corporate gift giving can be a scary place to venture in to, it doesn’t mean that your unique business gifts have to be dull or boring; the better you know the recipient, the safer it is to buy something more reflective of their personal tastes. If you’re still nervous just remember that one gift that can never be misinterpreted is the gift of food; let us help you take the worry out of shopping for unique business gifts by guiding you to the perfect gift basket.

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