Tips for Creating a Great Product Catalog and Getting it Out to Customers with Mail Fulfillment Services

Central Market customer service.

Image by monstro via Flickr

Mail fulfillment services can get your catalog out to your customers, but first you have to create the kind of compelling, interesting, and informative catalog that will sell your products to customers once it gets there.

 Using a mail fulfillment company is a great way to eliminate the hassles of storing and shipping catalogs once they are printed, but it’s up to you to find new and fun ways to sell your products to your customers after they receive the catalog. Check out some of these expert design and marketing tips for creating a great catalog that will wow your customers:

Use high resolution photos – The higher the resolution of the photo is the more the customer will be able to see. Remember that these catalogs are going to be reproduced thousands of times, and that picture quality degrades between the computer screen and the printed version.  The higher the resolution of the photo that you start off with the clearer the image will be for the customer. Just like online customers buy products based on the photo on the screen catalog customers buy from the photo on the page.

Use simple copy – Don’t try to be too clever when you’re writing sales copy for a catalog. The customers know how catalog shopping works and they just want information. Be clear and concise. If the customers have questions about an item they will call the fulfillment center to ask questions and a trained customer service rep employed by the fulfillment company can help the customer place an order.

Make sure that the item listing is complete – The more information you give in the catalog the lower the chances that customers will have to call the mail fulfillment center to speak with a customer service rep. Many customers won’t call under any circumstances so if the information they want isn’t included in the description they just won’t buy the product.
The size of the item, color, measurements, the materials it’s made from, and the cost should be included in every item listing. Special information about the item that might impact who can use the item or the life of the product should always be included as well.

Once you have created a catalog that will really showcase your products to consumers a mail fulfillment company can store catalogs in an appropriately climate controlled area and make sure that they get to your customers. The fulfillment center staff will also be able to help customers if they have questions or want to track a purchase from the catalog.