Three Hidden Features Your Ecommerce Business Must Have

When building your ecommerce business, you probably took into account the variety of technical and software issues that your website and its assorted features would require. Server hosting, web page design, shopping cart software, and security tools are the backbone of any successful online enterprise. However, there’s more to a body than just a backbone, and there’s more to creating a vibrant and thriving online concern than just getting your technical details working in good order.

To truly distinguish yourself in today’s marketplace, you need the advantages that social networking and media tools and persuasive copy voice. Perhaps most importantly, you need mail order and product order fulfillment that optimized for peak efficiency and that gives your ecommerce business the resources and space it needs to grow and thrive.

Social Networking and Media Tools

You were in a cave on Mars last year if you didn’t hear about Facebook and Twitter. While the jury’s still out on whether these innovations in marketing and personal interaction will stand the test of time, for the present they’re invaluable resources for use in making your online business more visible. They’re also very affordable – free in almost all instances – to create and operate for your business, making them a valuable resource in addition to a potentially advantageous one.

Persuasive Copy Voice

Many online businesses fail to take into account the importance of good copywriting, whether on their landing and customer assistance pages or even in the category listings and product descriptions. Though simply using the copy provided by our affiliate marketer or by the manufacturer is sufficient for consuming web page layout space, it neither distinguishes your website from your competitors (who may likely be using the exact same copy for their own sites) nor helps you build a distinct corporate identity. The public expects their businesses to have a personality, and for online businesses the cheapest means of accomplishing that goal is through copywriting.

Fulfillment Management and Resources

By outsourcing your order fulfillment management and logistics management needs to a third party fulfillment and logistics service company, you’re freed of the time and money necessary to undertake such intense, time-consuming responsibilities on your own. Instead, you can focus on growing your business’ front end (including those aspects described above). The fulfillment service companies can also help you with warehousing, mail order fulfillment, and customer service needs.

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