The Business of Fulfillment Services: A Customer’s Perspective

The Business of Fulfillment Services: A Customer’s Perspective


Editor’s Note: This educuational article is written from the perspective
of business owner who is seeking fulfillment services.


I am starting a business and was looking for information on product fulfillment services and drop ship.  I don’t have any space at home for storage so a third party logistic provider is a must for me.  My research returned information about many companies in this field; however the ones that caught my attention have been in the fulfillment services for many years, are privately owned and offer a wide array of services.

I need assurance that my fulfillment service is in expert hands now when I am small so that I can concentrate on the selling. Professionalism, reliability, expertise and quality of service are the most important general company factors I am looking for in a fulfillment services company. One that is capable of deliver complete and comprehensive fulfillment solutions to help me attain high customer satisfaction and loyalty through fast, accurate and reliable processing and shipping of my products.

From the shipping dock to the time my product reaches the customer, the company I will hire is the one that has the capability and flexibility to manage my business and build my brand in a cost effective way. I need to know that, beginning with the receiving process to the confirmation manifests, a professional and highly controlled environment is maintained. Also that there is plenty of warehouse storage equipped to ship by any standard carrier and to make use of all techniques of grouping and separating packages for the most effective means of delivery. Their warehouse and distribution services must focus on the best way to manage the consumer experience through advance selection of package routing, variety of cost and location.

In addition they to be equipped to gift wrap and prepare personalized messages with packages, provide specialized insert programs, perform kit assembly and develop specialized packaging solutions. I know I am asking for a lot but there are complete fulfillment companies in Florida for example that offer all the above and more.

Returned products are another important consideration, these should be examined for disposition and condition which in turn can be entered directly against the customers account to suspend billing and provide detailed analysis of return reasons. After which the products should be examined for resale and restocking. Inventory stock levels, velocity of shipments, return analysis and a complete receipt against purchase order system are essentials for my business.

The ability to monitor complete activity while connecting customer care and the order processing system should work together seamlessly for the best customer service.