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Now that you’ve chosen a fulfillment service company with which to trust your logistics management, you’ll want to use every advantage you can find to make sure your front end business development keeps pace with the boost to efficiency and reliability furnished by your fulfillment provider. The good news is that some of the most powerful and promising tools you’ll need are also available from your fulfillment service company.

Besides warehousing and warehouse management, order processing, and shipment preparation services, your logistics management company may also offer a range of features specifically designed and engineered to help get your business on the fast track to continued wealth and expansion.  Some of the features that can help your business grow that fulfillment services can provide include:

Customer Service Staffing

As your customer base grows so will the necessity of reliable and well-trained customer service staff. These staff members will act to resolve customer complaints, address customer questions, and generally act as representatives of your company to your customer base, offering direct assistance and resolution. What if such a staff could be a “plug and play” option for your business? Many fulfillment companies make trained and expert staff available to their clients as part of their menu of optional services. Instead of hiring, training, and then paying payroll and payroll taxes for their own customer service staff, a business can use the fulfillment service company’s staffing resources instead.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is a great way to encourage repeat business and reach new clients at the same time. Sending information on all your latest sales, inventory additions, and promotional events to previous customers is a smart way to target customers who are already interested in what you’re selling. Fulfillment service companies can help you “get the word out” to your customers by administrating the postage and shipping of your marketing materials on time and with the utmost efficiency. As the orders come in, they’ll be well-equipped and prepared to handle the surge in business on your behalf.

Investing The Money You Save

With the lower operating costs you’ll experience once your outsourcing relationship is up and running, you’ll have money as well as the time to begin developing your business in new and exciting directions. If your business needs a website, for example, outsourcing gives you the perfect opportunity to give your business the online presence it needs. You can also devote more time to storefront renovation and decoration, or towards increasing your profile through your particular market.

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