Some Ecommerce Businesses Need To Have Outsourced Fulfillment

Suppose you sell collectible weapons online. Not guns or knives, necessarily, but imagine that your ecommerce business handles collectible swords and other replicas of medieval weaponry. You’re careful when handling your inventory, taking care to preserve each piece’s condition but also for the sake of protecting yourself.

But as your business grows, you’ll find that scrupulously maintaining such expensive, high-end pieces can drain your time and energy. Making the situation an even trickier proposition, your customers will expect the items to arrive with the utmost consideration for packaging, shipping precaution, and overall quality. Such demands carry a high price tag when budgeting your time and the time of your staff.

The downside to attempting such things yourself is that you run an increased risk of negative feedback or complaints from your customers. And to be blunt, dissatisfaction with your service is the biggest factor when repeat conversion never happens. The Internet is a big ocean, and there are plenty of fish just like you in the sea.

Outsourcing Your Warehousing Needs Saves You Time, Money

By assigning your warehousing fulfillment and logistics management demands to a third party fulfillment services company, you relieve yourself of trying to manage both the front and back end of your business. In turn, this will help increase your chances for a greater rate of efficiency in processing and delivering orders. In fact, your chances of reaching those goals rise dramatically, considering that an expert warehousing fulfillment team will oversee each product’s processing and shipping.

How Fulfillment Works

The fulfillment service company enters into a partnership with you and your ecommerce business. In the agreement, they agree to deduct a percentage of every product sold in exchange for one or more fulfillment services. These can include warehousing, warehousing management, cold storage, order processing, order shipping, and shipment tracking. These features, collectively known as order fulfillment, are necessary for every product sold.

Fulfillment service companies have a powerful incentive to efficiently and effectively manage your order fulfillment needsbecause they profit with every product your ecommerce business sells, they have a vested interest in helping you expand your market share. This in turn motivates them to help minimize overhead and product inventory loss, keeping your bottom line healthy and profitable.

Many fulfillment service companies even offer customer service support staff, so that you can furnish customers with assistance and complaint resolution resources even after the sale is completed.

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