Prepare for the Holiday Season With Order Fulfillment


Image by jonmcalister via Flickr

For thousands of small businesses across America the holiday season is a make or break time of year when the fortunes of the business for the entire year rise to success or fall to levels warranting deep concern.

This year you can get in front of all those holiday orders and have a streamlined, efficient distribution system in place by hiring a fulfillment company to process and ship order. Whether your business is in the real world storefront or entirely online you can have the best holiday sales season you’ve ever had by partnering with a fulfillment services provider.

You Get State of the Art Warehousing

Thanks to the unique setup involved in third party order fulfillment you’ll have all the warehousing space you need at a fraction of the costs you’d likely expend trying to maintain comparable space yourself. You can order extra stock or new products to fill holiday orders without having to worry about finding extra storage space for those items. Take advantage of bulk buying discounts and order more products now for the winter rush.

You Can Expand Your Product Diversity

If lack of available storage space was keeping you from diversifying your product line before then outsourced order fulfillment could likely offer you a gateway to a whole new profit structure. With as much warehouse space as you need you’ll be able to include many different products into your inventory line. You can even add holiday themed or holiday specific items that will bring in extra revenue during the holiday sales rush to help your overall sales figures.

You Can Take Advantage of Other Services

Some fulfillment provider companies offer additional services such as direct mail marketing management, which helps you to launch a mass mailing of catalogs, newsletters, and other printed information sent directly to your customers. If you’re preparing a sales initiative for the holiday season, such marketing can really add to your profit line. Kickoff your holiday sales with a special sale or coupon incentive and let your fulfillment service provider get those mailings out to your customers for a fraction of what it would cost your staff to do it.

Other services include customer service staffing, which gives you the benefit of trained customer service phone staff that can address customer questions and disputes based on your business’ policies and rules and regulations.