Order Fulfillment Is A Round The Clock Enterprise

When do you take off from building your ecommerce or home-based business? Is there a time when you let yourself rest, or to rejuvenate in order to better attack the challenges and problems you’ll face in the coming days and weeks? Is it really true that business never sleeps?

You hear a lot of talk about the global village, and the flat earth, and how the modern pace of business never allows for a single misstep.We can say with authority that warehousing fulfillment and inventory management are in fact around the clock endeavors. Even though businesses sometime shut down for the night or others keep only normal business hours, the tasks of protecting, processing, receiving, and shipping inventory items never completely comes to a stop. And why should it?

Rust Never Sleeps

Neil Young coined this phrase in the 1970s to explain the idea that decay and devaluation are always a consideration. It really means that constant vigilance is necessary to make sure that your life and possessions – in this case, your business inventory – remains in optimum condition no matter the weather or other climate considerations. Mildew, mold, dust, and smog all work separately or together to diminish your inventory’s worth. Over time, such costs will definitely accumulate, necessitating repurchasing of products and additional warehousing climate control precautions. Those are expenses that shouldn’t become absolutely necessary, no matter the time of day or night.

Inventory Needs Careful Surveillance

Such considerations as weather and atmosphere don’t even take into account the human perils of inventory storage and order fulfillment. To put it bluntly, the major dangers facing your inventory are typically theft, neglect, carelessness, and accidents. Though some accidents are unavoidable, the other issues are all resolvable with expert inventory fulfillment and logistics management.

Outsourcing Solves Your Warehousing and Inventory Problems

Modern third-party logistics management and order fulfillment companies feature state of the art, climate controlled warehousing space as a necessary part of their order fulfillment services. These warehousing facilities are patrolled, secured, and kept at a safe climate control level for your inventory, meaning you don’t have to worry about loss of product. The fulfillment service companies’ staffs are expertly and efficiently trained, reducing the amount of accidents and incidents of neglect. The fulfillment service company even accepts inventory on your behalf, so you save on transport costs that can also affect your operating budget.