More Order Fulfillment FAQs

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Small business owners are a curious group who are not afraid to seize an opportunity when they discover it. Order fulfillment is a cost effective way for small businesses to manage their day to day operations. An outsourcing partnership allows any small business to reach its growth and expansion goals in less time while simultaneously reducing operating costs. Here are more FAQs about order fulfillment that will help you decide if outsourcing is right for your business:

Does the service provider need to be located near my business office?

Not necessarily. Fulfillment service companies are capable of servicing their client businesses no matter where they’re located. Thanks to phone and online tools, the client businesses can always access up to the minute information about their product inventory and order shipments.

What is meant by “climate control?”

Climate control is an important part of warehousing. Air and heating systems work to keep the entirety of the warehousing space at a certain temperature and a constant level of humidity. Climate control works with but doesn’t necessarily include a warehouse’s security systems, which employ complex and delicate sensors and other monitoring devices to keep the warehouse safe from theft or tampering.

Whose name appears on the shipping label?

The name of your business appears on all of the packaging and shipping labels. Fulfillment providers can use your business address and corporate log on the shipping labels of packages they service for you. In effect, the service provider company is an “invisible hand” in the delivery transaction, acting to represent your interests quickly and reliably while remaining discreet in their role.

How many businesses does the service provider accommodate at the same time?

The exact number varies according to the company itself, but most service providers typically provide order fulfillment to two or more companies at once. Some handle a half-dozen clients or more, though each client business receives the same amount of attention and consideration.

Remember that fulfillment service provider companies derive their profits based on the successful processing of every product they handle. Therefore, their profit margin is expanded by making sure that every product processed is done to satisfactorily. In other words, they profit from doing their job with an excellent degree of quality.