Mail Order Fulfillment Service

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Running your business efficiently is a full time job. Using a fulfillment center can lighten your workload and give you the time you need to focus on running your business instead of trying to chase down orders.   By outsourcing your mail order fulfillment service to a specialized company you have the freedom to concentrate on sales while your fulfillment partner take care of the order logistics and warehousing needs.

Mail order services are the life force of any small or home based business because they offer a range of services that give the small businesses owners the time and energy to focus more on growth and development. The well trained staff at a fulfillment company will help you manage orders of every size, ship orders in a timely manner, and get the products to the customers quickly. Fulfillment centers have the resources, processes and equipment ready to make your projects successful.
When you outsource mail order fulfillment the provider takes over part or all the related duties.

These include inventory acceptance, warehousing, pick and pack, processing, shipment preparation, actual product shipment, and in some cases order tracking and customer service duties after delivery. They work on your behalf to make sure products are stored, shipped and delivered with maximum efficiency and minimum expense. The fulfillment service company’s agents are often highly-trained in implementing new and innovative shipment strategies for your delivery needs, meaning you get only the best and most cost-effective means of shipping your products.

Major suppliers have special relationships with all shipping carriers that include big discounts thanks to the volume of items that fulfillment centers process.  A small business is not able to qualify for these discounts.  Knowledgeable staff will use and share their postal expertise to help you understand your options to maximize impact and minimize costs. Their operation can handle all of your mailing needs including:

* First class and bulk mailing
* Metering and stamping
* Folding, bursting, collating and inserting
* Personalized letters and envelopes

Furthermore, a mail order fulfillment service provider has highly flexible reporting in place to ensure that you have the information needed to manage your production, make smart decisions and set priorities. Relevant data will be supplied in the format you require as well.