Mail Fulfillment Services Make Direct Mail Marketing Affordable

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Image by pwenzel via Flickr

With the cost of postage rising every few months and more and more US postal offices shutting down direct mail marketing can be a very expensive way for small businesses to reach customers but it’s one of the most effective.  Mail fulfillment services can make it a lot cheaper for small businesses to invest in targeted marketing that is measurable and effective.

Because small businesses don’t have the kind of large cash reserves that many larger businesses have to make up for routine increases in postage and shipping costs even one mass mailing to customers mail fulfillment services are the smart choice for small business owners who know the value of direct mail marketing.

 Mail fulfillment companies can negotiate large discounts with shipping providers because of the huge volume of mail and packages that they send out on a daily basis. When you outsource your direct mail marketing to a mail fulfillment company you can pay less for shipping than you would trying to mount a direct mail marketing campaign on your own.

Mail fulfillment services can also store all the documents that need to be mailed to your customers for you, which can be a huge bonus for a small business owner that is trying to run a business from home or out of a small crowded office space. Catalogs, newsletters, coupon books and other marketing materials can take up a lot of room and they need to be stored in a protected, climate controlled area so that they don’t become damaged or faded.  Fulfillment companies have the right storage facilities for delicate marketing materials and can accommodate large or small mailings.

Direct mail marketing is great for businesses because it targets customers that you can be sure are already interested in the products you offer. Direct mail marketing also gives businesses the chance to see a measurable return on the marketing investment of sending a direct mailing.  If you send out 1000 pieces of mail, and see 100 sales that result from the coupons that were sent out you will know exactly how effective the promotion was.

Mail fulfillment services take the work out of sending a direct mailing so you can get the results you want without having to pay your own employees to print and address catalogs, assemble newsletters, or keep track of vast mailing lists. The discounts on postage that you get when you work with a mail fulfillment company also make direct mail marketing using fulfillment services a smart marketing investment.