How to Choose Warehousing & Distribution Services

If your inventory is overflowing due to insufficient storage or if you are just plain tired of managing your own warehousing and distribution, then you need a provider that can handle it for you. The decision will undoubtedly save you money and give you more efficient means of storing and shipping your product.

Contract warehousing provides many value added benefits and a wide array of user-specific services, saving expense for a variety of businesses. Their operations allow for storage and distribution of numerous products reducing costs.

Warehouse and distribution services cover a wide range of storage, logistics, support, shipping, marketing operations and a multitude of transportation options such as refrigerated trailers and small, gift delivery service. Search for a fulfillment company that provide full-service warehousing tailored to your specific needs; one that can accommodate customers by the pallet, individual unit or square footage. Some can adapt to meet all customer requirements, whether it calls for temporary space or a cross docking situation.

General Storage

The warehouse storage facility should be configured with stack areas and racking systems to accommodate a wide variety of merchandise. Safety, security, control and cleanliness are key focal point at specialized fulfillment services companies. Their facilities are routinely maintained to ensure that roofs are leak-free, doors and dock doors are secure, video surveillance equipment is functioning correctly, and all aisles are free of debris. Visiting the warehousing facilities to witness first-hand how they operate is a must. This will enable you to rest assured your products are stored in a safe environment.

Temperature & Humidity-Controlled Storage

Make sure the distribution center offers temperature & humidity-controlled storage space for sensitive materials. A controlled environment facility is equipped with cool or chilled air capacity allowing them to control the humidity percentage levels and overall temperature. Products which are sensitive to moisture, odor or rusting are best suited for this storage facility. Examples of these include roll stock paper, machinery, pharmaceuticals, food-grade products such as citrus, lotions, and confections.

Order Fulfillment Service & Transportation

Do the research to find reasonable trucking/shipping rates and volume discounts which can save you on freight. Transportation tends to be one of the largest segments of logistics spending. With the growing costs of fuel and transport, it becomes more important to implement an efficient transportation plan. Distribution services can assist in the optimization of current strategies, as well as develop models for future needs. An effective analysis can help determine the most cost-efficient and client-focused strategy for your business.