Get Holiday Coupons Out to Customers Now Using Mail Fulfillment Services

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With mail fulfillment services you can start laying the groundwork for holiday sales now. Unlike past years when people had more money to spend now people plan out their holiday purchases very carefully and well in advance.  Sending out holiday coupons now using mail fulfillment services is a great way to remind people about your products and get them started thinking about the holidays that are coming up.

Mail fulfillment services make it easy for even a one person business to mount a large coupon campaign. Once you have decided on the offer that you want to make and have designed a great coupon, postcard, or other direct mail item that details the offer for customers the next step is to get it out to your past customers or people who have signed up for your mailing list.

A fulfillment services company will store your direct mail pieces, address them based on the list that you provide, and ship them in the most cost effective method available.  Because many mail fulfillment centers are located in key cities throughout the shipping grid it can cost substantially less to have your items shipped by a mail fulfillment service than it would cost for you to send them from your home or office.

Make sure that you create a code or other means of tracking the coupon offer so that you will be able to measure the rate of return on the promotion.  One way to track the return rate of a coupon promotion is to give customers a code that they can enter on your website or when they order from your catalog to get a special discount. That way you will be able to measure how effective the offer was and how many sales resulted from that offer. In the future you can fine tune your coupons based on the return rate that you get.

When it comes to holiday promotions it’s a good idea to start planning a new coupon campaign directly after the holiday and have a target ship date of no more than six months before the winter holiday season.  During the summer people are looking for bargains and stocking up on holiday gifts for friends and families so they won’t have to pay higher prices during the holiday shopping season.  Partnering with a mail fulfillment company to get your holiday coupons out now is a cost effective way to start bringing in holiday sales.