Fulfillment Centers Feature Tomorrow’s Logistics Management Today

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The modern fulfillment house offers more than just warehousing and order fulfillment. The warehousing facilities and order processing capabilities that fulfillment centers have are state of the art. That gives fulfillment centers a cutting edge combination of new and exciting logistics management strategies and technologies and good old fashioned reliable customer service.

When you outsource your logistics management duties to a fulfillment provide you are trimming day to day operational expenses. At the same you are going through a radical and immediate upgrade of your own warehousing, product processing and product shipment resources. You’ll find that orders are shipped to your customers with greater speed and accuracy than ever before because independent service providers can operate at a degree of efficiency and speed that would likely take you years to achieve on your own.

How Outsourced Fulfillment Helps Your Business

When you outsource your logistics responsibilities your new service provider company begins accepting deliveries of your product inventory directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler. You no longer have to deal with deliveries or with locating sufficient and adequate storage space for your product inventory.The modern fulfillment house is a combination warehouse and shipment processing and preparation nexus, carefully laid out and organized to result in a maximum of productivity and a minimum of inventory loss due to accident or negligence.

The fulfillment center staff is carefully selected and expertly trained, and given the most efficient tools and supplies with which to prepare each and every product sample for shipment to its final destination. Working together, the staff and warehouse facilities form a smoothly running , streamlined process that’s specifically designed to keep your customer orders moving continuously.

How Fulfillment Centers Operate

The modern logistics service provider works in cooperation with several client businesses at once, keeping its own systems moving and helping to keep its efficiency and practice constantly optimized. Fulfillment providers draw their profits by extracting a percentage of every product processed and shipped on behalf of all their clients. But since they increase their own profit margin by successfully shipping the most number of products possible, they have an incentive to make sure all products are successfully processed and shipped. The percentage itself is agreed upon at the beginning of the contractually binding outsourcing agreement.