Five Ways to Improve Your Online Business In 2010

How do you want to look back on 2010? Do you want to say you exceeded your goals for your small, home-based, or ecommerce company? Do you want to realize you took steps to accelerate your business’ growth while at the same time minimizing your debt and your time commitment?
The world of business, especially ecommerce, is changing every day. Modern businesses must now rely on technology that wasn’t available even two years ago for much of their marketing and advertising needs. What’s worse, these new technologies are considered essential for keeping pace in the busy ecommerce marketplace.

The following five suggestions represent both cutting-edge trends as well as traditional and neo-traditional means of making sure your business is up to date and tech savvy when it comes to keeping up with competitors. Use as many as you like, or use them all for maximum effect and productivity.
Renovate Your Landing Page

Online users love arriving at a site to see a fresh layout with new navigation tools and interactive features. Such renovations also give the impression of stability and prosperity, reinforcing customer trust in your store and your reliability.

Get New Shopping Cart Software

Much like the reasons for renovating your landing page, upgrading your shopping cart software makes the site visit a generally more pleasant experience for your customers, encouraging repeat conversion.

Stop Fighting The Blog Phenomenon

The blog’s been around as a social networking tool for several years now, but some ecommerce business owners remain reluctant about embracing its marketing potential. Remember that blogs don’t have to require a giant time commitment, and that many blog hosting platforms offer their services and tech free of charge.

We’re All Going To Twitter

Sometimes pooh-poohed as the blog’s ADD-ridden little brother, the social networking juggernaut that was twitter came of age in 2009, and now everyone from politicians to rock stars are using its instant communication benefits. To use a famous old quotation, if you can’t beat them, join them. Even a few posts a day will keep your website or business fresh in your customers’ minds.

Contract With A Fulfillment Service

Fulfillment service companies manage your warehousing, mail order fulfillment, logistics, and shipping needs in exchange for a percentage of your profits. Entering into a partnership with such a company will allow you to concentrate on business growth and development, including in those areas described above.