Five Reasons To Outsource Your Warehousing

It’s only stating the obvious to say that as a business grows, its warehousing needs grow in proportion. Inventory swells in order to keep up with demand, and the space to store that inventory becomes a growing and pressing concern on the business’ resources and management.

The success of a business can actually be a kind of wolf in sheep’s clothing – not keeping up with your business’ warehouse needs can create supply and order fulfillment issues that can take days or weeks to resolve. On the other hand, reserving too much warehouse spaces creates its own set of problems, not least of which is maintaining what amounts of wasted space.

By outsourcing your warehousing needs to a third-party fulfillment house or warehousing provider, you save time, money, and time – the most precious resource of all. Listed below are five good reasons to replace or select a warehouse service provider for your storage and order fulfillment needs.

Use Only The Space You Need

Third party logistics providers who offer warehousing management and order fulfillment can accept your inventory direct from the wholesaler or manufacturer. Because they’re responsible for managing and controlling the warehouse facilities they use on your behalf, you use only the warehouse space you need for the amount of inventory you specify.

A Trained Warehousing Staff

Third party logistics providers train and staff their own work force, sparing you the time and energy needed to find a competent warehouse crew on your own. Payroll and insurance fees are taken care of by the provider, sparing you that additional expense as well.

Avoid Property and Other Taxes

Warehouse facilities provide not just space but also a set of legal and government considerations, including building inspection, OSHA compliance regulations, and property taxes. By outsourcing your warehousing needs you avoid all the headaches and cost outlay that comes from those legally binding obligations.

Grow Your Business In Other Directions

Saving money on warehousing means you can invest that capital into other physical resources such as technology, office space, or additional worker training. All will help your business’ front end, which in turn will help create a more efficient means of growing your business overall.

Peace of Mind

Because outsourced warehouse facilities are climate controlled with plenty of security and fire monitoring capabilities, you don’t have to worry about your inventory getting lost, stolen, or destroyed. That peace of mind will also help you fuel your creativity towards business growth and expansion.