Direct Mail Marketing and Order Fulfillment Services

If your business does a lot of direct mail marketing you can use order fulfillment services to send out your marketing materials instead of wasting your valuable time and resources getting mass mailings ready.  Direct mailings are easy to do when you work with a fulfillment service because the service takes care of collating, addressing, and figuring out the postage for all of the mail pieces that you need to send out.  The original sheets are delivered to a climate controlled warehouse owned by the fulfillment company and from there everything is taken care of for you. For a low per piece rate you can have all of the stress of getting mass mailings out taken off your plate.

Many businesses rely on direct mail flyers, coupons, and other marketing materials to bring in new sales and connect with previous customers. If your business is one that uses direct mail in conjunction with time sensitive events like seasonal products, special sales, and so on working with a fulfillment center is the best way to make sure that your direct mail materials make it to your customers before the event.  A special coupon offer mailing won’t boost your sales much if you have a member of your staff quit and the mailing doesn’t go out on time.  Then you have wasted resources printing the marketing materials as well as wasting the opportunity to increase sales.  When you sign up with a fulfillment center you can be sure your marketing materials will be sent out on time every time so that your customers will always receive the materials that you want them to have.

All businesses can benefit from using fulfillment services to handle their direct mail. If your company sends out billing statements once a month, or send out appointment reminders, or other time sensitive documents hiring a fulfillment company is the ideal way to free up your staff to do their jobs while still making sure that the documents that need to be send out are sent out. Sorting, collating, and addressing mass mailings can be tedious and expensive, but when you let the experts at a fulfillment house take care of them for you all that hassle is eliminated for a low flat per piece rate. Plus you may be able to get discounted shipping rates based on the strong relationships that fulfillment centers have with major shipping carriers.