Collector’s Markets Demand Fulfillment Service Company Standards

One of the most lucrative but little celebrated areas of the ecommerce marketplace is the collectibles sector. And make no mistake, the collectibles industry is a multi-billion dollar concern in America, with determined collectors from dozens of hobbies all converging on the ecommerce arena in search of valuables, collectibles, and otherwise hard to find items.

Collectors are also some of the choosiest, more discerning consumers, whether when buying online or in the real world. The holy words “near mint” are more than just a mantra for the collector – they’re the standard by which they compare all other products worth being bought or sold.

What do “mint” and “near mint” condition mean?

Mint condition is a term, originally taken from coin collecting, that’s come to represent the gold standard for the condition and health of a collectible. Mint condition signifies that the item is brand new and flawless in itself and in its packaging – as if having come “straight from the mint.” Near mint condition is literally the next best thing, with the collectible having only a few minor imperfections.Mint and near mint conditions, unfortunately, cannot be regained once they’re lost. Items can only depreciate in value, meaning they’re worth less on the collector’s market, and that the collector’s market is less likely to pay money for them.

Why are mint conditions and near mint conditions so important?

Essentially, mint condition is treasured for the sake of owning something suitable for posterity. However, in recent years a certain amount of status has come to be associated with owning a collectible in the best possible condition. This works to the ecommerce business owner’s advantage: by offering items in guaranteed mint condition, the business can cater to an elite and discerning group of consumers who don’t mind paying extra for shipping and handling charges.

Make the most of shipping, handling, and processing

Third party fulfillment service companies offer an ideal means of logistics support and resource management for the collector’s market website. Fulfillment service companies boast state of the art resource management, an expert familiarity with shipping services, and the know-how to make sure a product isn’t damaged while in storage or even during the shipment preparation process. Perhaps most importantly, fulfillment service companies also work from climate controlled warehousing facilities, so that your products and inventory remain in pristine condition while awaiting sale.