Can Order Fulfillment Help You Grow Your Business Faster?

You want your business to grow as fast as possible, with sustainable growth that has the stability and strength it needs to survive and prosper in the long run. Perhaps you started your business as a means of realizing the American dream of personal success and wealth. Or, maybe your business is a hobby or means of supplementing your existing income. Most likely, it’s a hobby you hope grows into something more significant to your quality of life. No matter your reason, you want your business to be successful.

By outsourcing your order fulfillment needs to a third-party logistics management company you fast-track your business’ growth potential. Outsourcing allows you to streamline operating costs while at the same time dispersing yourself of the time commitments needed to effectively manage and oversee your business’ logistics and delivery fulfillment demands.

How The Outsourcing Works: A Step By Step Walkthrough

Fulfillment service companies accept your product inventory on your behalf, directly from the wholesaler or manufacturer, so you never need to worry about deliveries again. The inventory is then stored inside their climate controlled warehousing facilities, with special attention paid to keeping the products safe and secure while in storage.

The fulfillment company’s systems interact with your company’s shopping cart software, downloading orders and making sure that the requested product is in stock. Once located, the product is prepared for shipment by one of the logistics company’s trained efficiency experts.
These experts then prepare your product for shipping, giving each package the insulation and protection it needs. They also may assign the package a tracking number, so that both you and the client have easy access to information regarding its route as the package moves through the delivery service’s systems.

Following the completion of the shipping process, the fulfillment company will deduct a percentage of the total costs. This percentage serves as the company’s service fee. Because they make their profits by serving as many clients as possible, logistics management companies benefit from shipping as many products as quickly and reliably as possible.

By outsourcing to one of these companies, all the details described above are handled for you, with little to no participation required on your end. Instead, you can work on other areas of your business, including developing your product line and increasing your marketing strategy. When your logistics needs are met, your ability to improve your market share grows dramatically.