A Mail Fulfillment Company Makes Direct Mail Marketing More Affordable

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If you have put off mounting a direct mail marketing campaign for your business thinking that doing direct mail advertising is too expensive don’t put it off any longer. Working with a mail fulfillment company can make it affordable for almost any business regardless of size to launch a direct mail marketing campaign that can help increase sales and help with brand growth.

Direct mail marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your business because it gives you a measurable method of gauging the success of the campaign.  Placing ads in print publications, TV or online is not always very effective because you will never really know how many people are seeing your ads.

When you send out direct mail materials to your existing customers or people who have signed up for your mailing list using a mail fulfillment company you can accurately tell how many people end up purchasing your products because of the mailing that you sent.

The cost of sending direct mail marketing materials when you don’t work with a mail fulfillment company can be prohibitive for some businesses. Not only because of the high cost of postage but also because of the cost of securing climate controlled storage for the materials themselves and then paying an employee to assemble the mailing materials, pack and address them.  Small businesses often can’t afford to pay for the man hours necessary to put together a large mailing. But when your partner with a mail fulfillment company you pay only a flat fee per item which covers all of the costs of getting the items ready to be shipped and postage.

Mail fulfillment services that specialize in direct mail marketing will be able to assemble and ship direct mailings at a much lower cost and much more efficiently than you or your employees can.  The staff at these fulfillment centers are trained in the most efficient and productive ways to handle the detail oriented tasks associated with creating a large mailing. So if you have been thinking about sending out a direct mail campaign to advertise a special product, or to start to get the word out about holiday special offers talk to a mail fulfillment company today to find out what the cost of putting together a direct mail campaign for your business would be. Chances are good it will be less than you expect.