A Fulfillment Center Makes it Easy to Start to Wholesale Your Products

If you are looking for ways to boost your revenue you should think about using a fulfillment center to start a wholesale division of your business.  Offering wholesale discounts to customers who buy in bulk can be very lucrative for a business and can be a nice additional income stream combined with regular retail sales. Gift and craft businesses, and supply businesses, can add quite a bit of additional revenue to their existing sales by adding a wholesale option to their existing price structure.

Offering wholesale pricing and quantities means that you would have to maintain a lot more stock, and that’s why many businesses don’t offer wholesale sales. Companies who maintain their own warehouse space, or work out of a small office or even a home office, don’t have the space necessary to store wholesale quantities. But when you h ire a fulfillment center to process and ship your orders you can get access to practically unlimited amounts of storage space.  
Flexible storage space allows you to maintain one storage area for retail sales and another, larger storage area for wholesale sales. You can also contract for specialty storage areas, such as storage areas with unique climate controls to contain specialty types of merchandise. When you work with a fulfillment center it doesn’t matter how often your storage needs change. You can get as little or as much space as you need.  Shipping and packing wholesale orders is no small task, but the shipping and packing experts hired by the fulfillment center can pack and ship any size order accurately and efficiently, even large wholesale orders.

Wholesale accounts require special customer service too, and when you work with a fulfillment center you won’t need to hire and train a pool of customer agents just to work with wholesale customers.  All of the customer support you need will be provided and the well trained and efficient staff hired by the fulfillment center will be able to answer customer questions and provide all the necessary customer support to keep your wholesale customers and your regular retail customers happy.

Talk to a fulfillment center rep today about how a fulfillment center can help you take your business to the next level by helping you branch out into wholesale sales. Adding another income stream will protect you from slumps in retail sales and help you achieve the kind of growth that your business needs to continue to prosper in the current bleak economic climate.