3 Ways Fulfillment Services Reduce Shipping Costs

Fulfillment services can reduce your shipping costs by half or more. One of the biggest expenses that companies have is shipping.  Shipping products is getting to be very expensive as fuel costs and other costs increase. But often businesses are reluctant to pass those costs on to their customers because customers do not want to pay higher shipping costs. In order to avoid getting stuck with extra shipping costs that eat into profits businesses can use fulfillment services. Fulfillment services can reduce the cost of shipping for businesses in three main ways:

1. Fulfillment services companies pay less for shipping.  Fulfillment centers send out thousands of items per day, so many of the most popular shipping carriers have special price breaks for fulfillment services companies.  Because the fulfillment service companies pay less for shipping, you pay less for shipping too. That way you can give your customers the fast, reliable shipping they want at a price they are willing to pay. During the busy holiday season fulfillment services companies can also add holiday packaging and other extras to orders without a lot of additional cost to you.

2. Fulfillment companies pay less for shipping supplies – Shipping supplies can be very expensive for many businesses. Sending out orders that have many items, or have large or irregular shaped items can drive up the cost of shipping supplies. Fulfillment services companies buy shipping supplies of all different types in huge quantities, so they get great discounts that other businesses would not qualify for.  When fulfillment service company employees pack and ship your items they can do it for less than you can and still use high quality supplies that will ensure the items arrive in perfect condition.

3. Fulfillment center staff can pack your items perfectly – Using the wrong size box, not using the right padding, or packing an item correctly and having it break en route to a customer can all increase your shipping costs.  Whether it is from using too many supplies or not the right kind of supplies or having to ship new items to customers for free to replace broken items shipping mistakes cost businesses money.  Fulfillment services order processing staff are expertly trained in the art of shipping durable goods. No matter what product you sell they will know how to pack it so that it arrives intact and quickly.  Letting professionals pack and ship your items will save you money on shipping costs and on product costs.

Overlooking areas like packing and shipping where there are many ways that fulfillment center staff can save you money is one of the biggest mistakes that businesses make.  If you really want to save money look at ways to streamline your order process, such as hiring a fulfillment company, instead of overhauling your business.  When you need a marketing plan or an advertising campaign you turn to trained experts to provide those for you. Hire a fulfillment services center to handle order processing and let the experts at order handling save you money.